FEMA Letter of Map Amendment

Flood Map Research and LOMA Application Service

eLOMA Application

eLOMA is a web-based application that provides Licensed Professionals (i.e., licensed land surveyors and professional engineers) with a system to submit a Letter of Map Amendment request to FEMA. 

With our relationship with FEMA and the National Flood Determination Association, we are able to expedite the application through the eLOMA process in every state.

This can cut the time it takes to get a LOMA from months to just hours.

“It was completed and in my possession within a couple of hours.”

Gil in Florida

“From the time I called to the time I had an eLOMA in my hand was about 4 hours.

It was explained to me that this is not always possible but it did work out in my case. My flood insurance premiums will be much lower as a result. Also, flood insurance is no longer mandatory.

Susanna in Naples Florida

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