“That is fantastic.  Thank you so very much. We will most certainly keep the coverage but hopefully at a savings.  I will as well forward your information on to the insurance agent who helped us with our coverage as she said she had numerous clients that might be interested in your services as well. Thanks again, this is really good news!” –Tom in Texas


“I tried on my own, off-and-on for two years to work with FEMA and our lender, to get the forced place insurance removed and it wasn’t until I contacted you that I was able to get it done.  You have saved us hundreds of dollars monthly and provided us with the correct information to end this constant financial thorn in our side.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” –Natalie in California


“Thanks for all of the help you provided to us and all of your time in making it possible for us to be removed from the expense of the flood insurance that we were stuck with for 20 years. Finally after all of these years the mortgage company didn’t increase our payment to cover the increase in flood insurance, that happened almost every year, we even received an over payment refund. Thanks for helping us, we would have been stuck and eventually would have probably just given up if not for your excellent help. Thanks so much.”  –Nora and Charles in Florida


“I just can’t even begin to express in words how happy and grateful I am that I came across your service. I will be sure to share your information with anyone in need! Thank you.” –Tricia in New Jersey


“I can’t express my gratitude to this company for what they have done for me and my family. I have had my property remapped to be in flood zone X. My flood insurance is affordable. My property value has been protected. My home and future are secure.” –Marie in Oklahoma


“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and the company again.  I got the flood insurance cancelled, my mortgage company accepted the LOMA letter, and I received an insurance refund.  Not to mention the future savings!  You did a great job.  I would be happy to recommend you to any consumer.  You were efficient, professional and honest.  Again, great job.”   –Miriam in Florida


“Thank you SO MUCH! FEMA (finally) processed our new policy (and refund).  Refund for current year is over $1000!!  And new annual premium is $430 (vs. almost $1,500).” –Ruth and Peter in Florida


“Thank you for the expediency and professionalism in which you and Second Look Flood handled my application for a LOMA from FEMA. It was completed and in my possession within a couple of hours.” –Gil in Florida